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Pre-Order A Brief History of Time Travel!

Although the Kickstarter campaign to raise A Brief History of Time Travel‘s initial budget has now ended, we’ve decided to open up a pre-order system, so that those who want to can still show their support for the series.

All money raised from pre-ordering the episodes will go directly into the production budget for the show – so if more people pre-order, then the more we can scale up and improve the production!

What’s more, it’s not just for our benefit – the pre-order prices are guaranteed to be lower than the prices at which the series will be made available after release. So if you’re keen to snap up a bargain, this is the place to do it. As with the Kickstarter campaign, you can just buy the first episode if you want – or you can get the whole series, in addition to assorted bonus material and even a copy of our planned eventual tie-in book.

(Please note, however, that rewards that were promised to Kickstarter backers only – such as the prequel CIA episode and soundtrack download – will not be made available here. They were sold as Kickstarter exclusives, and so they have to stay that way!)

To find out more, and to buy the eps, head on over to the Pre-Order page now!

[A Brief History of Time Travel is the UK’s first Kickstarter-funded sitcom. A time travel audio comedy in six half-hour episodes, the series is created by writers Seb Patrick and James Hunt and will guest star Robert Llewellyn of “Red Dwarf”, with a theme tune by MJ Hibbett and the Validators. Find out more at]

Another day closer to the deadline, another video featuring ABHoTT cast. Today it’s two of our guest stars, who had a chance meeting last year when Relly Annett-Baker (Susanna Shakespeare, ep 2) was the highest bidder on a charity-eBay-Twitter-Comic-Relief auction to win an appearance in an episode of the terrific car-based chat show CarPool. The host? Why, none other than Robert Llewellyn, our special guest narrator.

This also happens to be the episode where, famously, Robert managed to accidentally not record the entire original conversation, and so they had to do it all over again…

If you’d like to hear this fabulous pair appearing in a radio sitcom (preferably one where we do actually remember to tape the whole thing), then - well, you probably know the drill by now - you’ve got a little over 36 hours (at the time of writing) to get your pledges in!

As we hurtle into the final 72 hours of funding, have another video showing you why the A Brief History of Time Travel cast are so great.

Well, showing you the cast, at any rate.

Here’s Henry “The Professor” Imbert and Ian “Oscar Basingstoke” Symes in one of their “Too Hot For The Internet” vids from the last series of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, as Ian tries to cope with the death of Henry. SPOILERS: Henry isn’t really dead.

If you want to listen to these two wazzocks doing a time travel comedy, then check us out Kickstarter-wise. THANKYOUBYE.

Five days’ funding left on A Brief History of Time Travel! We thought in this last week we’d share some videos of our excellent cast being excellent in things. So here’s Jon Shaw (Eric Street) in Andrew Ellard and Martin Stirling’s fantastic sci-fi short, Future Inc.

Don’t forget you can still pledge towards ABHoTT if you want to get in on all manner of Kickstarter-exclusive rewards. We’re looking to try and hit £5,000 by the end of the week so as to improve our budget for music!

A Brief History of Tumblr Travel

Hello Tumblr!

This is the designated promo post for our new sitcom webseries, a Brief History of Time Travel. If you like the look of it and want to see it made (and why wouldn’t you!?) please feel free to reblog this post and - most importantly - point people at our project page.

Thrown together by a combination of time, fate, and administrative error, accountant Eric Street, genius inventor Professor Miles Wanderlust and temporal enforcement agent Nina Seventeen find themselves stuck in the past with a broken time machine – and worse, stuck with each other. Cursed to jump randomly through human history, and pursued by Oscar Basingstoke, a bumbling temporal enforcer who’s never been that good with dates, the trio blunder their way through a variety of historical settings, trying not to cause too much damage and hoping that they’ll eventually make it back to the future – assuming there’s still a future left when they get there.

The scripts are on the way and we’ve got a principal cast of professional actors in place, and now we just need a little bit of money to make it all happen. We’re inspired by all sorts of sci-fi, sitcommy stuff - everything from Red Dwarf, Hitch-Hiker’s Guide, Doctor Who and Futurama - and if you want, you can be involved for a little as £1, so please take a look and help make our silly little dreams become reality.

(Oh, and follow our Tumblr for exclusive, behind-the-scenes updates. As soon as we have any.)

A note from behind the curtain.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what this Kickstarter is all about. And the answer is this:

A Brief History of Time Travel is a 6-part (at least) sci-fi sitcom being released as an audio podcast in 30-minute instalments (or thereabouts). We’ve got the story. We’ve got some actors. We just haven’t got the money to properly record it. Which is where Kickstarter factors in.

Now, here’s the thing.

We’ve set ourselves kind of a difficult challenge. We strongly believe that entertainment should be as affordable and available as possible, and that’s why we’re making it possible to pay only £1 and still get something in return, and why we’re making everything available DRM-free. We don’t want people to think they can’t afford to listen to our jokes, and we certainly don’t want them to think they can’t send it to their friends if they want to.

But living up to those standards means we need to get a lot of interest. It’s almost certainly going to take hundreds of people to get this made. We don’t know if there are hundreds of people out there who care about audio comedy like we do, or want to spend money on it, or want to spend money on us. But we hope that there are, and that we can find them before the Kickstarter time limit is up.

If I were you (and I have been) the question I’d be asking myself right now is “Why should I take a chance on these guys?” and really, the only answer we can give is because we really believe in this. Not just the material, but the medium and the funding model and the idea that if you want people to notice you, you make what you want and hope that the right people find it. It’s been two years since we first came up with the idea for this series, and we wouldn’t be putting it out there if we didn’t think it was ready to fly.

You may also be wondering why we need other people’s money. The main reason is that we’re struggling artists with no money of our own. We’ve got no problem with that - you’ll notice that none of the initial budget is earmarked to pay me or Seb - but it does mean we can’t do the project off our own backs without asking people to work for free. As struggling artists, we don’t want to be seen to be taking advantage of other struggling artists for our own profit. We want to treat people like professionals. By giving them money. Your money. But in return, you’ll get a professional product, and we get our idea turned into reality, so it all averages out.

Hopefully, that gives you a bit of background on our decisions, and explains why we’ve chosen to do things the way we have. Hopefully, you believe in this as much as we do. Or, at the very least, enough to pay a few quid to help us reach our goals. Either way, we’re grateful.


Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.